dental services
Whether you’re looking for keeping a healthy smile or interested in a whole new upgraded smile, A+ Dental offers a long list of dental procedures and treatments to accommodate your needs.

general dentistry

General Dentistry

Keeping your teeth strong and healthy is many times easier said than done. We know that no two people are alike, and that’s why at A+ Dental we make it our mission to properly inform each of our patients about the tools necessary to meet their individual needs in order to keep their teeth healthy.

We are also proud to offer a a wide range of restorative options. Whether it’s a cavity or a broken tooth, we are sure to find a solution that works for you.
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cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

At A+ Dental we offer a wide variety of options to provide you with the smile you desire. We can use Whitening, Veneers, Crowns or a combination to provide you with a brand new shiny smile.

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Prosthetics Services

Oral surgery encompasses procedures treating a wide array of diseases, injuries, and defects in the oral cavity. It is an internationally recognized medical specialty.

Our surgeons are knowledgeable and have received extensive training and education. We practice the highest standards of care and we also utilize cutting edge medical technology for our patients.

Some of the many procedures that fall under the category of oral surgery are removal of impacted teeth, insertion of dental implants, and cosmetic surgeries. We are also able to diagnose and treat certain conditions through oral surgery.

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periodontal services

Periodontal Services

The structures surrounding your teeth, like the gums and the bone keeping your teeth in place, are just as important.

This is why we prefer to take a comprehensive approach to Oral Health by making sure to offer examinations and treatments to keep your gums and bone healthy along with your teeth.

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oral surgery services

Oral Surgery Services

We know surgeries can be scary, but at A+ Dental we take advantage of digital dentistry to make any surgery you need more predictable. 3D radiographs allow us to plan the surgery on the computer, which in turn minimizes the length of the surgery.

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